Middlemist Seven - Gentle Cream Cleanser Camellia & Rose

Middlemist Seven - Gentle Cream Cleanser Camellia & Rose
Brand: PAI
229 SEK
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Certified organic - Vegan Certified organic - Vegan

Born out of the founder’s desire to soothe and protect her own hyper-sensitive, reactive skin, Pai Skincare will nourish even the most distressed complexions.

- An ultra-gentle cream cleanser for dry, delicate and sensitive skin types.
- This clever concoction removes make up, dirt and other impurities.
- While respecting your skin’s natural oil and pH balance.
- Bursting with omegas 6 and 9, vitamin E and luxurious natural oils.
- This will hydrate your complexion while refreshing it, leaving skin superbly soft, supple and replenished.

Formlerna innehåller minst 90% ingredienser av naturligt ursprung

Veganska produkter, utan ingredienser av animaliskt ursprung